UI/UX, Product Designer

About Rakesh Mondal

I work for ideas and learn from people to create delightful experiences and tailored design solutions that solve problems.


About Rakesh

I'm Rakesh Mondal, a self-taught UI/UX, Product and Visual designer, who loves to solve business problems using design. I started painting at the age of 5 years and fell in love with digital design at the age of 17 years. I dropped out of college to learn design hands-on at work. For the last 10 years, I have worked on various aspects of design right from concept development, UX to visual design.

To me Consumer is the King; understanding their pain points and behavior are the first step while creating delightful experiences and design solutions. My job as a designer is to leverage this Consumer behavior to achieve business goals.

Currently, I'm leading the product design for Canvera.com and previously lead designer at Minjar Cloud.

Disclaimer: I do not hold any formal degree. But I have considerable, relevant learning and experience from work or self-study from last 7+ years.